What is Fraction And Its Types

Any number in from of p/q q=(not zero) which is called as fraction. if we are going in depth fraction has numerator and denominator so p is numerator and q is denominator.

if we are looking to here that p=5 and q =6 so in fraction form we can write like 5/6.

A fraction is known as in its simples from if HCF of numerator and denominator is 1.

What is fraction

So if we define fraction it would be like any number in the from of p/q is called fraction in mathematics .

Types of fraction

There many type of fraction available in mathematics as

Proper fractions: if any fraction would be like in from p/q where p is less then q then fraction is known as proper fractions

Ex: 2/11, 13/20, 23/43

Improper fraction: if any fraction like p/q where  p is greater then q then the fraction is known as improper fraction

ex: 21/7,15/13,1714

Mixed fraction: a fraction which is formed with an integer and fraction is known as mixed fraction. Where we can convert mixed fraction in from of improper fraction.

Like fractions : Those fractions has numerator same which is called like fraction


Unlike fractions: Those fractions has denominator different which is called like fraction ex:


we are hoping that you get all idea bout what is fraction and its type in details manner.

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