0.333as a fraction in simplest from

looking to convert 0.333 as fraction it would be convert in the from of p/q .means here w are looking to convert decimal to fraction number so you are at right place.

0.333 as fraction from

To converting this digit in form of fraction first step we look here what that digit after decimal point in this number.so as we can see here that number is 0.333 and which is position of thousandth.

so finally we got that 0.333 after decimal point on thousandth places so for now want to remove that decimal point so we multiply and dived by 1000 to 0.333 so it woul be like



=0.333 (so this is final answer)

going to decimal to fraction you must need to remove decimal point .

we can also check that obtain answer is right or wrong for that we just have to do divide by 333/1000 and you will get your answer.

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