Power Rule of Derivative: Definition And Example

power rule is very special rule in derivative. Which is derivative of xn n is called power which will we anything number.

what is power rule ?

power rule derivation

Let’s assume some example to know how this derivate formula works for us.

What is derivative of x3

So here we are going to apply derivate formula

power rules

Final answer is 3x2

How to differentiating negative power 

So this power rule allow us to solve problem if our expression should be like in 1/xn .

So let’s assume we have 1/x2

power rules in derivation

-2.x-3 using power rule


How to remember this formula

So if you are don’t want to remember this formula in math expression so here you just remember like that power comes in front and just subtract one in power so you will get your final answer.

Like x2 so just 2 comes down and we do minus in power and finally we get our answer which is 2x

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