what is 5/14 as a decimal?

what is 5/14 as decimal

looking for conversion of 5/14 as decimal form with step.so her we will guide you about how can you convert any fraction number in the from of decimal number with step by step. 5/14 as decimal in simples form before going to one step ahead you have must know about what is numerator and denominator. … Read more

What is 0.35 as a fraction ?

what is0.35 as a fraction

fraction is method in which we are converting decimal number into fraction number in form of p/q.so here we will explain you about how you can convert 0.35 as a fraction form. converting any number in decimal to fraction form you have to must knowledge about what is decimal point and what place value. 0.35 … Read more

Subtract Decimal Number With Example

subtract decimal number

hey today we are going to exploring about how to Subtract Decimal number with proper example.so we can understand and calculating fast of decimal number.so here we also going to putting point about how you can add decimal number with example. Let’s get started …. How to Subtract Decimal number Subtracting to decimal number with … Read more