How to calculate 6 divided by 4

In this article we will guide about how you can calculate or how to apply long division method to calculate 6 divided by we will guide you all things step by step so you will get idea about in more.

as we are doing division method first all we know about what is dividend and divisor.

dividend:-this is those value that divided by another value is called here 6 is called dividend

divisor:-this is those value that we are using to divide to given here 4 is called divisor.

Step of how to calculate 6 divided by 4

So let’s get started…


Here first all we write 4 at left side because 4 is divisor and 6 is on right side because 6 is dividend


Now we divided by 4 to 6 means that we have to choose small table to 6 which its self 4.


so now if do division by 4 to 6 then we get reaming 1.


Now we have to subtract that value 6-4 so remainder is 2

here you can see image for more clear your concept.

how to divided by 4 6
calculate 6 divided by 4

So Now here is completed all the step. if we looking to answer is decimal form so that would be 1.5

so we are hoping that you will get all idea about how to calculate 6 divided by 4.

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