Express 0.375 as a fraction in its lowest term

If you are looking to finding what is 0.375 as a fraction. So you are landing at right page because here we are thought you how you can find 0.375 as a fraction in lowest term

What is 0.375 as Fraction form

What is fraction?

Have you ever got this question in mind that what is fraction? Have you ever things how that faction works in real life so here we are going to give you basic ideas about fraction. Let’s assume we have one chocolate and we are diving in two parts means here we diving that chocolate in two parts and separating it means we can say that we done ½. That whole part is converting into two parts.

So any number if we are trying two convert in form of x/y is called fraction.

So here x=numerator and y=denominator

Now let’s come on our main topic that we want to convert decimal to fraction from of for that we have follow some step to do convert 0.375 as a fraction form.

So stay connects with us we are soon going to teach how to do that.

So let’s get started ….

So that number we would like to convert decimal to fraction is 0.375 as you can see that after decimal point there are 3 digits means that 375 is place of thousand.

Isn’t it.

converting decimal to fraction we always have to remove decimal point otherwise we can not able to solve this number in the fraction from. Here as we know that we have take thousand number to solve this.

Decimal to Fraction 3 3

as you can see on image that step one in which we have divide and multiply to remove decimal point beacuse we have to balance on both side like denometoer and numerator by 1000.

in second step we got valve which is 375/1000 because if you multiply.375*1000=375 so that’s why we written like that.

after that you have to do simplify this 375/1000 so that you can divide until you can get you minimum lowest fraction number.

after dividing and calculation you will get 3/8 final answer

0.375 as a fraction
0.375 as fraction

We hope so that you clear the concept of how to change any decimal number in fraction from.

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