Decimal point: Definition with Example

Are you finding what is decimal point in mathematics and calculation so you are landing at right page. because here we explore about what is decimal point with step by step with example.

it is dot or point in number that separate the whole number and decimal part number or we can say fraction part number.

What is decimal point ?

decimal point its comes under picture when our number value is going to be in from of point as you can see in picture.

decimal point with definition

here in this picture as you can see decimal number which is 123.256 so its separated by decimal point after that number is 256 its number called fraction number or we say decimal part number.

Moving place from in decimal number

here value is 123 is left side of decimal point so its with units place then after ten place and hundred place. After that value is .256 so now its start with tenths place (1/10) and then hundredths place and so on.

How to convert decimal to fraction

so if we are looking to convert 12.235 in decimal to fraction so 3 digit there means its on thousandths place so we can write this number in simplification manner like

12235/1000(after finding this we have just do division of this number and you can obtain your answer)

So here is all about we are hoping that your concept is clear.

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