5/8 as a decimal in simplest from

Here we will guide you about how to calculate 5/8 as a decimal form in this article . now here our value is 5/8 that we are looking to change decimal from without any doing of lost of mathematics calculation.

What is 5/8 in decimal form

Now before moving to our main calculation need to understand First about fraction so any number in the from of x/y is called fraction but here we are looking for decimal which would be like 0.235,1.256, 3.256 so on.

so if we are looking to our main calculation which is 5/8 and looking to convert into decimal so let’s get started.so here we can use directly division method.

so if you are divided 5/8 means that here we want to divide 5 by 8 .if your divide this value in calculation method as you can see in image so you will get answer is 0.625 in form of decimal

5 8 as fraction
5/8 as a decimal.

So as you see in images how we reached to final answer here we divide 5/8 so we took 0 in 5 which will become 50 and upper side we take 0.

then we take 48 for division which is small and nearest to 50 and and its comes to 6 time in 8 table so doing same step again and again we have reached to our final answer.

So we will hope you got this concept if you doubt anything you can ask to us in comment below.

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