.3125 as a fraction in simplest from

In Mathematics we are doing lots of conversation of number here we going to conversion of .3215 as a fraction in simplest from by using decimal concept.

.3125 as a fraction

before we moving to next step we should knowledge of place here so in fraction conversion after decimal point there are places which called tenth place ,hundredth place, thousandth place so on.

so now how we can express0.3125 as fraction so for that we here going to step by step process.

let’s get started…

as you can see here value is 0.3215 means that after decimal point there are 4 digit means that here we use 10000 to remove decimal form this number.

so for removing decimal point we multiply and divide by 10000 so it would be


then we divide 1 no value by 10000


so when you solve (2) then you will get 5/16 you final answer.

so now we can write like this 0.3125=5/16

so we conclude that so we can say 0.3125/10000 also.

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