how to write 25 as decimal

Looking for converting 25 as decimal form so here we will explain you all about converting any number in decimal from.

So here our given digit is 25 so here we are moving step by step so will get more idea.

Now as we know converting decimal form we always looking decimal point but here we directly convert in from of decimal.

now here we directly divied by 100 so will get 0.25 our answer.

explanation: here 25 digit has no any decimal point so we do not multiply any value here. its contain two digit which is 2 and 5 its means we have to divide by 100.


that’s our give value answer

if you want to check that is corrected or not just multiply by that number which is using for division

so here 0.25*100=25

so we can conclude that our answer is right.

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