1.875 as fraction

Looking for converting number 1.875 as fraction form so you are at the right places.we will teach you how you will do using simple methods

1.875 as fraction form

As we can see that given is 1.875 so converting any numbers to fraction form.you should know about that decimals point.

Now here is after decimal point there are there digit means we have to divide it by 1000 and multiple by 1000 so by doing this we can able to remove decimals point.

So steps of conversation to fraction form let’s look how we goings to convert it

So here is 1.875 so we are divided and multiply by 1000 so it’s would be like 1.875* 1000=1875

Now in second steps we are going to divide final answer (1) by 1000. 1875/1000= 15/8

So we get 15 /8 in final answer

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