0.8 As a Fraction: Step By Step Guide

Math is very good subject if your concept is clear but lots of student struggle when they are going to convert decimal to fraction of any number.so if you are looking to what is 0.8 as a fraction in simplest from so you landing on right page.

But before going on our main topic you should know At least what is fraction and decimal in mathematics.

What is fraction?

There is lots of definition of fraction. If we are going to explore definition of fraction.it will be like any number in form of x/y is called fraction.

I think now you are thinking what x/y here is. Ok let me explain little bit more about x/y where x=numerator, y =denominator.

Because in fraction we try to convert any number in this form so that why we are writing in this from.

What is decimal?

Here you can see one number which is like 0.8 this number in decimal from because after decimal point that contains 8 so in mathematics languages we called it is decimal number.so in simple languages  we can say any number after decimal point is called decimal.

So I hope you will understand this concept.

0.8 As a Fraction: Step By Step Guide in 2021

Now here we are going to convert 0.8 as a fraction form using math concept. Converting decimal to fraction of any number you should always try to convert in x/y from.

Let’s see how we are going to convert here?

Before go to ahead at lest you should know about what is places in decimal so it easy for converting .8 as a fraction.

What are places in decimal?

What are places in decimal?

If you have any number like 0.123 so here you can see after decimal point you have 123 numbers and that number will contain places.

Here number 1 is places of tenth.

Here number 2is places of hundred.

 Here number 3 is places of thousand.

I think you are might be confused what is places.so later you will know why is important in converting any decimal to fraction.

So finally we disused about basic concept of fraction and decimal. Now we are going to find answer of what is 0.8 as a fraction form by using decimal concept.

As you can see 0.8 is our value and we are looking to convert in fraction form. Isn’t it so as you can see after decimal point there is only one number right?

As we Discuses earlier that after decimal point first number always in tenth place. For reason of that you have to divide and multiply by 10.

After doing this your 0.8 number comes in form of signal digit which is only 8.now you can see you got your final answer like 8/10 as I told you converting any decimal to fraction from we should try to do in x/y form.

Here how we will get x/y form because we have to remove decimal point for that we are divided and multiply.

Now again you solve this fraction so you finally get your answer which is 4/5.so this is best simple method to converting any decimal to fraction.

If you have doubt that Answer is wrong or right for that just divide 4/5 then you can see you answer is 0.8 so here we can confirm that we are right.

So here is mathematical calculation of 0.8 as a fraction form.

0.8 as a fraction,.8 as fraction

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