0.6 As A fraction With Simple Step

Converting 0.6 as a fraction means your are looking to convert something like x/y form. because Any fraction number it should be in fraction form. so here we are going to know about how we can convert within some step.

best method to convert decimal to fraction at lest make sure you know about what is places in after decimal point. after decimal point its starting with tenth place then after hundred places and thousand places so its going to continuous.

How to Convert 0.6 As a fraction with simple step.

it might be possible that you will thinking about is there any formula for calculation of 0.6 as a fraction form.in mathematics lots of formula available for calculating any problem. but here we are going to use math concept and try to find out our answer

let’s get started …

Now here we wan to find Answer of 0.6 as a fraction in simplest from so how we can do this for that as we told you earlier like after decimal point you have to selected that number it might be ten, hundred and thousand but its depend our value.

so here our value is 0.6

As you can see in 0.6 value after decimal point there is one number so its indicated that tenth place.

what should we do now after knowing places

Now you got your places so you have to divide and multiply both number in denometoer and numerator.so here our place is 10 so we use 10 in both side.

doing this step as you can see your decimal point gone out and becomes 6/10.

isn’t it………..

finally you will get your answer in fraction form like x/y=6/10

so if going to again simplify this equation so you have to do divide by 2 .

so finally you will get you answer like 3/5

calculation of 0.6 as fraction value

0.6=6/10final answer
6/10( divide by 2 with numerator and denometoer)= 3/5
0.6 as a fraction

Form starting to end we are learn about how to convert any decimal number to fraction number.so we are hoping to that you concept is cleared now. If you like this please share with your freinds.

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