0.25 as a fraction in simplest from.

0.25 as a fraction what is means that its meaning like you change that number or expression in from of fraction which should be like 5/8,2/3,5/9.

So our question here that what is 0.25 as fraction and here we try out to find that answer in simplest from without any doing lots of struggle.

Convert 0.25 as fraction

now let’s look how we are produce to our final answer.

Step of calculation of 0.25 into fraction


before moving to change in fraction form you should first know that digit place.so here after decimal point as you look this 0.25 in place of hundredth so here we multiply and divide by 100.


now you have multiply and divided by 100 in 0.25 so it would be like 0.25*100 so its 25.and then we are divide so its final form like 25/100

25/100=1/4(dividing by 100 )

So its final answer of 0.25 as fraction is 1/4

now if again look for how to make this value in percentage from so here final answer is 1/4

so if you want to convert in percentage from you have multiply by 100 in answer so like




so if we conclude this all data so final answer in fraction form of 0.25 is 1/4 and in percentage from answer is 25%.

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